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Production is divided into four different product lines: ice cream biscuits, breadcrumbs for the frozen foods industry and fresh products (e.g. pasta, fillings), chocolate toppings for the ice cream and yogurt industries, and, finally, heat-treated, micronized flours both for food products (gluten-free products) and as a base for dermatological products.
Cherubini’s turnover has continued to grow despite the general negative trend of the foodstuff market.
For many years the company policy has been not just to increase the volume of already existing product lines, thereby gaining new market shares, but to continually research into new products, creating constant horizontal diversification.
Hi-tech systems and the complete automation of the processing lines ensure maximum product hygiene.  And our laboratories carry out regular controls through micro-biological, chemical and physical analysis.
Production flexibility, one of our company’s greatest strengths, translates into a very high level of service for our customers and distinguishes us clearly from the competition while maintaining very competitive pricing.
The sum of all these elements makes the Group a leader on the Italian market in its product line areas.

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